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LED Lights for Motocycles

LED lights first made automotive appearances in small doses many years ago, replacing alarm lights and stereo displays. Since then, LEDs have grown to replace entire tail light assemblies, running lights, and many other automotive lighting applications. One of the latest LED automotive trends that isn’t so offensive is replacing the stock third brake light with an updated LED version. In future, speculation has LED light technology replacing automotive headlights altogether. LEDs advantages: - an extremely high lifetime lasting more than a whole vehicle life; - the light temperature of the LEDs nearly achieve daylight quality; - unique freedom and variety in styling for the development of brand characteristic styling elements within headlamps; - a significantly lower energy consumption; - more effective opportunities for the use of installation space in headlamps; LED bulbs are smaller and use much less power than electric bulbs. LED bulbs can be shaped to fit almost any space, send light directionally and are generally more versatile than standard lighting. The projector units that are used in conventional headlamps are about 400 mm deep, which is taking up a lot of the engine compartment and eliminating some of the offsets that stylists can work with. By reducing the big optic and big pocket needed for a LED bulb you not only save space, but also reduce some of the manufacturing costs. A smaller lighting package would use less plastic and require fewer parts for assembly making it easier to build into front end modules.

LED Lights

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