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Auto Headlamps are the eyes of the car. Hardly a topic which came through the studies and Show cars or auto Motor Show in recent years, such as lights, were fitted by the designers with LEDs. Together with Audi, it is Automotive Lighting has succeeded in developing a concept that is ready for series production, but However attractive and looks like new. With the world's first full auto LED headlamps emphasizes its Automotive Lighting Innovative leadership for the lighting industry. Introduction The characteristics of the LED light sources (LED = Light Emitting Diode) differ fundamentally from those of known incandescent and xenon lamps. The desires for differentiation's design are therefore more favorable characteristics of small Semiconductor light sources to meet. Semiconductors are not subject to wear and could in Compared to the average life of the vehicle hold forever. That in turn, results in the spin completely new possibilities for the design of Front modules and packaging in the engine compartment, as service chanels and auto lamp replacement does not more are needed. However, technologies are used only if they also have a market acceptance. This is sure to achieve the fastest by an interesting appearance that the Vehicle singles out from the crowd and attractive. Bionic Design Even before the solutions design has been closely involved in the optical, mechanical thermal concepts worked. But only through the involvement of the customer design and provided for this vehicle, but a Corporate Identity can serve customers Headlight a rise..

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